Open Mics

Broadway Comedy Club’s NYC Open Mic



  • 6:00pm


  • 5:45pm Laughing Buddha


  • 4:00pm Sophia Nurse
  • 5:30pm Sheba Mason
    Totally free. Walk-ins welcome. Email to reserve a spot!


  • 4:00pm Sophia Nurse


  • 5:30pm Laughing Buddha
  • 10:00pm Ryan Dekalos


  • 5:30pm SASSI Keegan

Attention Comics,

Tired of working only Open-Mic Nights?  Ready to test your skills at the next level?   Well, selling comedy tickets to tourists in Times Square gives you a golden opportunity to perform on our stage!  And this is NOT an open-mic spot, it is in the professional shows!  

How?  For every ten tickets you put into the club in a given week (not how many you sell, but how many are redeemed at the club), you get a stage “spot” the following week.   Example: 10-19 of your tickets redeemed in a given week = 1 spot the following week, 20-29 of your tickets redeemed = 2 spots the following week, etc.

Further, as a ticket seller, you will be entitled to get “premiere spots” at our open mics as well.  You will be assured of a spot among the first 5 comics to hit the stage for each open-mic you choose.  Just contact me, Al, a day in advance and I will make the proper arrangements.

We need comics who can sell tickets 12 or more hours weekly (flexible days and hours).   Your pay?  You sell tickets for up to $25.00 apiece and you keep all but $5.00….On TOP of the stage time!   It’s that simple!  Sure beats working at Chuck E. Cheese for minimum wage while spoiled brats mercilessly pelt your face with scalding-hot globs of vile pizza.

Of course you may also see all the free shows you wish!

Want to hear more?  Get in touch pronto as we are hiring only a dozen or so comics!

For street team sales information, contact Paul Rosa (Street Team Manager) at