Jan 18

Funny As Puck. Brian Patafie’s Funny As Puck Tour

Red Room
Show 7PM

Brian Patafie, fondly referred to as Canada’s Original Enter-Trainer presents ‘Funny As Puck’ and it is a can’t miss! Brian chronicles his career in hockey from starting out in the lowest of the minor professional leagues back in 1975 during the filming of the iconic hockey movie Slap Shot throughout his rise to the NHL as well as his stumbles working in the German Professional Ice Hockey League with absolutely no grasp on the German language. These stories along with his witty one liners and self-deprecating humor has Brian offering a funny perspective on life, hockey and anything else the world has thrown at him. Funny As Puck will make you smile, laugh and love everyday life more than ever. Don’t miss the opportunity to see one of the most charismatic and entertaining figures from the world of professional hockey share his life on stage. Special Event: No Passses accepted.

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