Jul 16

Paul Taylor World Tour Event: Spectacle Bilingue | Bilingual Show: BISOUBYE X

Main Room
Show 6PM

Paul Taylor began with small Parisian theatres, performing comedy in both French and English.  Following his video “La bise (the kiss)” published on his YouTube channel, the success and the buzz was immediate. He was then contacted by the Private French TV channel “Canal +” and Paul created the hit TV show:  “What the Fuck France.”  That was followed by a second hit TV show  “Stereotrip.”  In “Stereotrip” Paul travels to 8 European countries and explore the clichés, humor and culture of each nation.

His wildly successful first stand-up comedy special was called “#FRANGLAIS” and is also half in English and half in French. Following up, he scored big again with his second special “So British ou Presque.”

Now Paul is back on tour with a new show: Bisoubye X.   The Bisoubye international tour has been a huge success and has taken him to four continents.   We are honored to have Paul with us Tonight for this very special event.

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