The Broadway Comedy Club

Alton Walker


Alton Walker is a talented comedian and social media influencer known for his hilarious content that has gone viral. He gained popularity through his God Ain’t Please rants, Animal Church Voiceovers, and the R&B Workout. Alton‘s comedic delivery is guaranteed to tickle everyone’s funny bone, and he has worked with various social media influencers such as Desi Banks, B. Simone, and Druski, among others. He even worked as a writer and tour host for Desi Banks. In working with Desi, Alton has been able to help create content for major companies such as NASCAR, NFL, & the NBA. He is presently on tour with Rickey Smiley. In addition to his stand-up comedy skills, Alton is also a talented writer and serves as the lead writer for the syndicated radio show, the Morning Hustle(Urban One/Reach Media. He has shared the stage with comedy legends like George Wallace, Paul Mooney, John Witherspoon, and Mike Epps, and his comedy transcends age and cultural barriers, reaching audiences in international locations like London, Korea, and Jamaica. Alton has an active social media presence, and his followers interact with him daily, sharing their love for his viral videos and motivational perspective clips. Beyond comedy and social media, Alton is a passionate speaker who seeks to inspire and uplift young people through his company, NextIn Line Network. He achieves this through speaking engagements, hosting events, performing comedy, and conducting workshops and seminars in high schools and colleges. Alton Walker is more than just a comedian; he is a multi-talented entertainer and a positive force for change in the world.