The Broadway Comedy Club

Julio Diaz


Julio Diaz is a Dominican-American stand-up comedian, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Julio has performed at legendary NY clubs but his raw, witty, and charismatic style has been a hit in the underground comedy scene for half a decade. Stand-up has afforded Julio the opportunity to perform and produce shows all over New York City. Julio was recently featured on the Netlfix “Comedy is a joke.“ festival in Los Angeles. . Comedy is more than just getting on stage and making people laugh—it’s about making light of day-to-day experiences. His material stems from overcoming adversity, moving from job to job, financial struggles, and of course navigating dating challenges. Comedy has given him the strength to become confident and pass that on to others. Be sure to listen to his podcast ‘TJ Squared’ (streaming on all major platforms) and catch him at a comedy show near you.


Netflix is a Joke