The Broadway Comedy Club

Marcus Smith


Marcus Smith is a Los Angeles resident/Arkansas native, that is a stand-up comedian influenced by his southern country roots. Marcus is known for his fashion in comedy; and though he doesn’t have any children himself, he is known for being the dead beat step daddy bachelor. He has been a co-host of Corey Holcomb’s 5150 podcast for 4 years; and he is the creator of the Mane Stream podcast that has now obtained nearly 30k subscribers on YouTube in just one year. Marcus has appeared on several popular shows including “Roast Me w/ All Def” , “Funny AF on Revolt TV” , “I Can See Your Voice” on Fox TV and several other commercials and extra appearances. Marcus also has training and experience in theater and has performed in stage plays. He has headlined, featured, and toured with entertainers such as David Lucas, Chico Bean, Corey Holcomb, Ryan Davis, Jay Lewis (Lil JJ) and many more. His upcoming headline dates include locations in Boston, Ontario, New Orleans, Detroit, Chicago, Memphis, Atlanta, Seattle, Louisville, and several more. Marcus is expanding his comedy and acting career rapidly so be on the lookout on the big screen or a performance at a city near you!


The Corey Holcomb 51/50 show, Def Comedy Jam, Just Nesh, Fox, Funny AF on Revolt TV, Mane Stream Podcast