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Sara Bergmark


Sara Bergmark is a comedian, producer, and writer who really hopes you like this bio, because she can't write it again. Born and raised in San Diego, she brings that sunshine to the stage discussing the ridiculous standards and monotony of today’s world, all with a smile. She is a high energy performer and host who loves bringing the crowd together each night for a unique experience. Since moving to NYC a year ago she has become a regular comedian at The Greenwich Village Comedy Club and The Broadway Comedy Club. She produces a monthly comedy variety show that has filled a variety of venues all over the city including Club Cumming, The Knitting Factory. She also performs with her sketch team 24 Hour Kiss Club at Asylum monthly.


San Diego Comedy Festival, The Industry Room

Upcoming Shows

Stand Up Comedy In New York City. Our Signature Show March 30th 9PM

Stand Up Comedy In New York City. Our Signature Show April 1st 7:30PM

Shut Up Mommy’s Talking April 6th 7PM

John Butera Show April 12th 7PM