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Adrienne Unae

Sunday April 21st, 2019 - 5:00PM

Location : Broadway Comedy Club New York, NY - Main Room

Just as things start getting a little weird, become the eaves dropping visitors of a pinned-up Nun, Oscar winner, tailor, magician, club owner, and only God knows who else. In this interactive and immersive show, folks come up missing and it is up to everyone to defend themselves by setting up alibis in order to cover their tracks. How’d this malarky of a motley crew come about anyway? Who cares. All you want is to be told you are free to go so you can leave the guilty party behind. But wait! Just because you MIGHT get out doesn’t necessarily mean you’re innocent. Hmmm. Could you be the saboteur? Could you help solve the heinous crime(s)? Will the entire evening be a mystery? With this fast-paced hilarious one woman show, mayhem is the appetizer, madness the main course and critical thinking is served up a la carte! Ticket sales support Adrienne Unae’s mission work in NYC, Ft. Lauderdale, and Kenya. BTW, the ticket price is too low to be refundable. LOL

16 & over or 13+ with parents
Two drink minimum
Individual comedian appearances subject to change without notice