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Breakout Headliner Series Max Spinelli

Friday February 21st, 2020 - 9:00PM

Location : Broadway Comedy Club New York, NY - Main Room

AN EVENING WITH MAX SPINELLI. Maximilian Spinelli is an NYC-based comedian, actor, writer and all-around peach of a human being. Blending together a style that is both conversational and confrontational, he’s built a brand that can only be described as “Premium Trash Bag”. In 2019, he won a residency from the TheIndustryRoom.comshowcase and also competed in Stand Up NBC. He is a co-producer of the monthly "Tell You What" Comedy Show, and a writer/producer/star of a recent pilot. You’ve also seen him at your local cafe saying things like “What percent cacao is this?” and “Timothée Chalamet stole my career!” His Instagram and Twitter handle is @maxagazillion, something he came up with a decade ago and still gives him a weird amount of pride. He will not follow you back unless you have a blue check. Standards are important, people.