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Sorta Rican

Tuesday December 18th, 2018 - 7:00PM

Location : Broadway Comedy Club New York, NY - Main Room

Angelina is not your typical Latina. As the only Puerto Rican in the
suburbs, her friends are all White, and her Spanish? - no bueno.
She finds her people in NYC, but she's not tough like the
Nuyoricans on the block. She gives Miami life a shot, but she
doesn't wear enough make-up or heels to be a sexy mamacita.
And when she moves to Puerto Rico, she's too Americanized to be
a real Boricua. But she always has her one true love - music. From
Hip Hop, to Salsa, to Bomba, Angelina uses music in each step of
her journey as a way to connect to her culture and her people. As
she raps, sings and dances her way into their hearts, an eccentric
cast of characters each show Angelina a different dynamic of what
it means to be Latina.