Apr 21

South Asian Comedy: The Brown Disorganzied Show

Red Room
Show 7PM

Come watch Indian standup and sketch comedy at its finest! Unique event and great venue!! People love the disorganized format! Comedy is not meant to be organized y’all! All proceeds from show going to a designated CHARITY.
Gotham Green– host
Zaib Pirani
Divya Gunasekaran
Jatin Chhugani
Priya Blunts
Vishal Kal
Feraz Shere
Vishnu Vaka
And fun-filled sketch comedy by UshaGProductions. Two drink minimum!Come half hour early to get best seats! UshaGProductions is a comedic writer and producer of standup and sketch comedy for over twenty years.She produced shows at Nick’s Comedy Stop and Comedy Connection in Boston. Upon moving to New York, she has produced shows at the Producer’s Club, Von Bar, and the Broadway Comedy Club. Nearly every show has been committed to supporting charity. Since 2021, UshaG and Libby Gabrielle have collaborated to co-produce the show. Libby Gabrielle has artwork exhibited at the Venice Biennale, as well as US and international galleries. She is also a filmmaker and producer of the award-winning web series, 'Swiped to Death', and films by Rabbit Bandini Productions, James Franco, and more.

About the event